Bio & Accolades

For a printable version of my resume, click here (Word DOCX file).

I have been involved professionally with computers and computer software since 1983. My roles have included various levels of involvement with technical support, management as well as product and project management, technical marketing, and business programs, among other things. My most recent role was heading up an extensive online community system for technical support serving almost 100,000 members for a global $600M/year software company's social efforts.

Highlights of my qualifications and accomplishments include:

► Extensive experience managing, supporting, and messaging software offerings.

► High level of interaction and engagement with software users and business partners around the world.

► Worked internally and externally with multi-divisional and multi-discipline teams and companies.

► Hands-on team player with an excellent ability to work with others across geographies and cultures.

     » PCConsulting, 2015 - present

     » Bentley Systems, Incorporated, 1993 - 2015

     » Woolpert, 1983 - 1993

     » Wright State University: BSEE,  Aug 1983 - Jun 1991 

     » Ohio State University: Aeronautical Engineering Aug 1982 - Jun 1983

Australia Austria Bahamas Belgium Canada
China Czech Republic Denmark France Germany
Hungary India Ireland Japan Malaysia
Mexico New Zealand Norway Russia Singapore
South Korea Sweden The Netherlands United Kingdom Most of the United States

Cooking   Music
Trivia  Hot peppers/sauce
Microbrewing  World War II airplane history

BC: "Phil is seen by his peers in this group as a social “thought leader” and, most importantly, Phil has been an active advocate for Bentley Systems by influencing his fellow customer-members and evangelizing product enhancements to support Bentley’s on-going social initiatives."

DK: "Some people are good at what they do, and some people go above and beyond. You kind sir, are in the second group."

MG: "I always thought of you as one of the most capable and valuable people I had worked with."

CS: "...you are a super talented guy."

SF: "Can I just say that if it wasn't for yourself ... I wouldn't be where I am today. All of your help, encouragement and more have been an enormous aid to me."

ML: “You have always been one of my favorite people at Bentley.”

YF: “I think you are one of the most valuable person in Bentley. Your knowledge of MicroStation and professional management skills give me very deep impression.”

SS: "You were really passionate about what you did and I appreciated your support trying to get other colleagues to believe in it. You will be missed by your colleagues and Bentley (and its users) has lost such a dedicated and talented person."

SW: "[You have] been a big part of Bentley and the forums and someone you could rely on to respond and sort out problems."

JS: "For many, you are the public face of Bentley Systems."

JD: "I just wanted to let you know that it was an honor to work with you these past several years. You're an inspiration to me and I'll miss working with you, but I know you will be very successful in the next stage of your career."

JH: "I’m familiar enough with you on Bentley forums to realize that if you don’t know of a solution to a MicroStation problem, then there very likely isn’t one."

CS: "It was extra cool to see your name on [Bentley Communities] as my wife (also MicroStation user) mentioned posting a few questions on a forum before the internet and getting quick helpful responses from “a guy named Phil” later finding out you were a Bentley staff member. I’m finding several of the most helpful posts have had you as a contributor – thank you!"

JM: "I've really enjoyed working with you and will miss (you and) your wit. You are an intelligent and focused colleague, good friend and all-around interesting person."